Harmoned is a creative agency based in Bengaluru, India.

 We are a full-service borderless solution-based-design studio creating strategy, design & production across all platforms. We specialize in brand identities, campaigns, social strategy & content creation, commercials, websites, apps, books, environments, and more.

Planning & Research

We believe there is no single template which can be applied to every story. Research is the key that helps us understand about human senses, cognition and ergonomics focus on understanding only to the extent that it is necessary to solve the problem at hand.

Design drafts

Constantly in flux and iterated throughout the project life cycle, we believe the best design is an evolution of smart UX and usability.


We get excited about utilizing new technology, techniques, and shades because each new project is a chance to do things people haven’t seen before. Visualizing concrete solutions design that serves human needs and goals within certain constraints.

Detailed Design

We see the end product as a single entity, from the loading screen to the credit, each part works together to tell an engaging holistic story



“You may ask what is solution based design?” Solution-based-design can be applied to the problems which need to be encountered creatively or by design. This can be applied to the design of a product behavior, visual form, and physical form.



Design A/B Testing






App explainer screens


 Explainer video




Brochure design



Email marketing


Identity design


Leaflet design


Masthead design


Newspaper Advertising


Packaging design

Play store assets




Proposal design




Social media content




Website design

“Do it big, do it right & do it with style.”
                                                      – Harmoned


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